TGA Board of Directors Nominations

The Texas Guardianship Association is led by a nine member board of directors. When the TGA was first organized in 1992, the board was designed so that three seats are up for election each year. Each board member is elected to a three year term and can only serve two consecutive terms.

Nominations are now open for three board positions that will begin January 1, 2015. The TGA board is a volunteer working board. Meetings are held quarterly in Waco and members are responsible for personal travel to meetings. An annual retreat is held each January to welcome new board members and for strategic planning purposes. The retreat in 2015 will be held at Summer’s Mill in Salado on 1/21-1/23; members are only responsible for personal travel to the retreat.

This can be a very rewarding position for someone with time and energy that really wants to make a difference. Here is a link to a nomination form that can be submitted to TGA by fax at 254-399-9599 or by email to TGA nomination form 2015

You can also nominate someone without the form by emailing Krista; just be sure to include name, address, telephone and email address of nominee and include a brief reason why you think the nominee would be a good addition to the TGA board. Self nominations are always welcome as well.

If you have any questions about the TGA board elections, please contact Krista at 254-399-9115 or Donna at 903-819-3461.

Conference Certificates

First off let me thank you all for attending the conference. Conference certificates have gone out for the most part. I am still contacting some of you as I do not have you signed in for certain classes. If you have not received your certificate please contact me via email at and I will resend it to you or let you know what I am missing from you.